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The ATEX Water Damage Restoration team is standing by 24/7. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. Every minute counts. Call us and we’ll dispatch a team of experts to thoroughly assess the problem and develop a plan for rapid, thorough, safe remediation and repair.

Types of Water Damage

We’ll first determine the category of water damage present on your property. This is very important, as the hazard level and necessary remediation will depend on the source and condition of the flood. The following terms and descriptions have been provided to better inform our customers of the classification system for water damage:

Category 1:

No immediate health risk is present for people or pets. Category 1 water is clean, sanitary water, fit for drinking. However, once the clean water leaves its source (a pipe, for example) it can mix with contaminated soil or other contaminants and quickly become Category 2.

Category 2:

This water has been contaminated and is not safe for drinking. Category 2 water is also known as “gray water”. It may have entered your home by a toilet overflow, aquarium spill, broken pipe, or leaking appliance.

Category 3:

This water is highly contaminated and potentially highly toxic for people and pets. Category 3 water may contain pesticides, heavy metals or raw sewage. Examples are flooding water from rivers and streams or any groundwater that is flowing horizontally. Category 3 water is often referred to as “black water”. It will likely have a noxious odor. In addition to removing the water and thoroughly drying the damaged area, special precautions must be taken to disinfect and sanitize the affected surfaces.

Classes of Water Damage

The Classes of Water damage are an additional way to categorize the extent of damage from water leaks and floods. Measures the expected rate of evaporation of the materials involved. Determining the class of water damage is important in developing a plan of attack to quickly remediate the problem. It also determines the equipment required and the size of the crew to be dispatched.

Class 1:

The evaporation rate is fairly high. Flood water will need to be extracted and the drying time is quick. Very little of the interior building structures are involved.

Class 2:

Moderate evaporation rate. An entire room or area is affected, and there are less than two feet of moisture up the walls. The flooring is completely saturated, and quick extraction and drying are essential to prevent mold and mildew growth. Flooring may be damaged and need replacement or repair, but the structural components of the building will generally remain intact.

Class 3:

This is a seriously damaging situation. Often the flooding has come from above. Walls and ceilings are saturated above two feet. The entire area will need to be extracted and dried very quickly. The ceiling and walls will need to be opened and dried out. No matter the category of class, the water must be removed and the affected areas thoroughly dried as soon as possible to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Our Technicians use a swift action to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


We will determine which categories and classes of water damage are present and develop a sound plan of action.


We will then remove all water present, and open any structural components such as ceilings and walls if necessary to prevent microorganism growth and perform an Austin mold inspection.


State of the art air movers, dehumidifiers, and other necessary heavy-duty machinery are deployed dry all surfaces, …

The Emergency Response Experts

Emergency Roofing

A roofing emergency can occur for a variety of reasons. Texas Metal Roofing Contractors, we’ve seen them all. Thanks to our Thirty plus years of Texas wide experience, we’ve dealt with the devastating effects of twisters, windstorms, lightning, hail, snowstorms, ice storms and fire. We’ve also dealt with unexpected mayhem, like when a large old tree falls on your building, an aviation disaster or a bomb detonation.

24/7 Emergency Response

Regardless of the cause, Texas Metal Roof Contractors is standing by to protect your premises and property. We can be almost anywhere in the Houston area within an hour or sooner. When our technicians arrive, they’ll assess the situation to determine the correct course of action. Immediately thereafter, they’ll begin protecting your equipment, furniture, and supplies by catching any water that may be leaking into the building, disposing of any standing water and temporarily fixing any holes or leaks that developed.

Further Damage Prevention

If you have trash or other debris protruding through the roof, we’ll remove it. We’ll remove any excess snow or ice and examine the rest of the roof for any other vulnerability. If we find any other potential damage, we’ll patch that too. The goal is to prevent any further leakage and destruction. Once the leaks have been contained, we can begin drying out the building.

Complete Recovery

During that process, other types of disaster recovery often come into play like document recovery, water removal, and mold remediation. Our water damage division technicians handle any and all types of disaster recovery, so calling us makes more sense than calling just a roofing company. They’ll patch the roof, but we’ll get you back in business. We’ll handle every conceivable aspect of your recovery, from testing the electric system to providing emergency power. Our crews can repair or replace drywall and trim; we can repaint your office; and we can do it all quickly, safely and with as little interruption to your business as possible.


Roof Problems? Your Houston Roofing Contractor Can Help

Protection From Mother Natures Whims

Your rooftop is one of a structure’s most important parts. It not only shields its occupants from  Mother Nature’s elements, it additionally allows them to have the comforts of heat and air conditioning.  Nonetheless, similar to any major structural part, the roof will over time develop problems that begin to negate it’s ability the protect inhabitants and the property depending on it.  When these issues with the roof come up, a Houston roofing contractor can help by inspecting and correcting any problems discovered.

The Roof Must be Properly Installed

One of the common issues that many property owners experience is an improperly installed or repaired roof. This can happen when a property owner tries to make the required repairs themselves or use a contractor without the appropriate knowledge and experience.  If the deck is not properly installed and the shingles are not appropriately set out, the roof will have problems sooner rather than later. In the case of a metal roof, expert installation is a must. There is no room for error. For commercial roofing in Houston, TMRC is your best bet.

Over Time The Roof Can Become Unreliable

In the event that a rooftop is nearing the end of its serviceable lifespan or needs repairs, water can find its way under shingles and through damaged flashing or any area of the roof in disrepair. When leaks are not discovered and not repaired quickly the property could develop structural damage and or a serious mold problem.  Since some property owners are not prepared to have their roof properly repaired, they either just disregard the roof until it needs broad repairs or replacement and then try to repair it themselves, which usually leads to needing more drastic repairs later. Mother Nature is relentless and wear and tear of time on the roof are issues that should never be ignored. For the duration of the life of the roof, minor support and repairs will be required. Common sense demands property owners should have the roof inspection on an annual basis. Texas Metal Roof Contractors offers a Free Annual Inspection Program to Commercial Property Owners and Home Owners alike in the Houston Metro Area.  To take advantage of this program all you need to do is give us a call at (713)222-7663


Dumpster Rental – The Best Option for Big Cleaning Tasks

People require dumpster rental services for many reasons. For instance, a landlord often has to clean the apartment where in actuality the last tenants left garbage piled high. A professional home renovator often takes several trips to the county dump. Or perhaps, you just have a big cleaning task to do and you need a destination for a dispose of all the waste materials. Often, renting of these king-size garbage containers is the region of large construction companies, but there many dumpster rental companies that rent large dumpsters (also called roll offs) to common people as well. Hiring roll off dumpster can be a great option for anybody who doesn’t want garbage as the obstacle when it comes to getting the job done.

Before hiring a 20-yard dumpster rental, you need to make certain you are abiding by all the rules and regulations of your locality. For example, if you are cleaning your apartment and you would be the tenant, you must ensure that your complex has enough space to place the large dumpster in the parking lot. Nevertheless, in the event that you cleaning our own home or business, you need to make sure that your city laws allow keeping such a thing on the street. Do not misjudge the size of these dumpsters, as they require plenty of space. Homeowner’s associations or similar organizations may not allow it. Although you can find perfect solutions for all, it’s better to seek permission ahead of time than waiting and watching.

When you move ahead to proceed, you must take certain precautions regarding your dumpster rental. Here are a few of them:

You must leave enough space around the large garbage container or roll off dumpster so that the track can return back around and easily pick it up. Most of the people make this mistake, specifically when they are doing it for the first time. Although many people place the dumpster at the right place they park their cars around it in a way that if the dumpster becomes inaccessible to the truck. You should put cones or other barriers to stop others from parking their cars around the roll off dumpster.

You need to be in the home when the company comes by for pick up. If are absent on that day, you could be charged one more day or two if they need certainly to come back later.