China Expanding The Installed Capacity of PhotoVoltaics

Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Tong Wei Group Chairman of the Board and then made suggestions:

This year the two sessions, known as the “new energy first person,” the Standing Committee of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference, Tongwei Group Chairman Liu Hanyuan on the new energy photovoltaic industry again positive suggestions, “the domestic PV installed capacity to be further expanded” . He said that by further expanding the installed capacity of photovoltaic power, accelerating the construction of the western photovoltaic power generation base, China can gradually form a sustainable clean energy supply base, which basically solves the future of all energy consumption.

PV market is still lagging behind the overall

“The face of the growing shortage of traditional fossil fuels, the deterioration of the living environment a grim situation,  energy security has become a real problem facing the world. Polar photovoltaic power generation as the main new energy economy, is the most clean, the most environmentally friendly, the most sustainable.The human ideal energy in recent years has attracted the attention of all countries in the world to vigorously develop. “Liu Hanyuan said that in recent years, China’s photovoltaic industry has also made positive achievements. As of 2011, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation reached 3GW, while establishing a more complete photovoltaic industry chain, to become the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic modules, has been vigorously promoted. and widely used photovoltaic power generation foundation and conditions. Relative to Europe and the United States,, major countries, China’s photovoltaic market development in general still lags, the total installed capacity is less than 5% of the world.

Construction of new international energy base in the west

Liu Hanyuan said, “Twelfth Five-Year” period is the key stage of China’s economic upgrading and transformation, changing the energy consumption structure is imminent, especially the huge increase in coal consumption, high import dependence on crude oil, and fossil energy emissions to China and the enormous threat posed by the global ecological environment, need to be effectively curbed.
China’s vast western region, a vast, sparsely populated, is the world’s most abundant solar radiation resources in one of the regions. If the use of light 1 million hectares of barren hills, wasteland and other non-cultivated land to build the country’s western new energy base, the annual power generation will reach 10 trillion degrees, the equivalent of 2011, the national electricity consumption of 4.7 213% of the trillion, equivalent to China’s total energy consumption in 2011 (converted to electricity) of 97%.

Expansion of domestic PV installed capacity

In Liu Hanyuan view, from the total amount of photovoltaic resources in terms of our country, not only to provide photovoltaic power generation needs of the total domestic power of 2% or 5%, but can fully meet our narrow energy consumption. He believes that China’s “second Five-Year” plan put forward by 2015, photovoltaic power generation installed capacity of 15GW total target. This is a good development of the industry is expected, but it may become a constraint and restraint, and even restrict the industry will become the bottleneck of rapid expansion. In fact, the domestic PV installed capacity should be based on China’s economic development, energy shortage and international security situation, timely and dynamic increase and expansion, and should not be subject to 15GW this established planning objectives, should fully tap the industry potential, the release of enthusiasm , Open hand to speed up industrial development, in 2015 for the formation of 30GW, 40GW, 50GW or even higher PV installed capacity.