The Emergency Response Experts

Emergency Roofing

A roofing emergency can occur for a variety of reasons. Texas Metal Roofing Contractors, we’ve seen them all. Thanks to our Thirty plus years of Texas wide experience, we’ve dealt with the devastating effects of twisters, windstorms, lightning, hail, snowstorms, ice storms and fire. We’ve also dealt with unexpected mayhem, like when a large old tree falls on your building, an aviation disaster or a bomb detonation.

24/7 Emergency Response

Regardless of the cause, Texas Metal Roof Contractors is standing by to protect your premises and property. We can be almost anywhere in the Houston area within an hour or sooner. When our technicians arrive, they’ll assess the situation to determine the correct course of action. Immediately thereafter, they’ll begin protecting your equipment, furniture and supplies by catching any water that may be leaking into the building, disposing of any standing water and temporarily fixing any holes or leaks that developed.

Further Damage Prevention

If you have trash or other debris protruding through the roof, we’ll remove it. We’ll remove any excess snow or ice and examine the rest of the roof for any other vulnerability. If we find any other potential damage, we’ll patch that too. The goal is to prevent any further leakage and destruction. Once the leaks have been contained, we can begin drying out the building.

Complete Recovery

During that process, other types of disaster recovery often come into play like document recovery, water removal and mold remediation. Our water damage division technicians handle any and all types of disaster recovery, so calling us makes more sense than calling just a roofing company. They’ll patch the roof, but we’ll get you back in business. We’ll handle every conceivable aspect of your recovery, from testing the electric system to providing emergency power. Our crews can repair or replace drywall and trim; we can repaint your office; and we can do it all quickly, safely and with as little interruption to your business as possible.

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